Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I've Followed Her Home and Here's What I think

This is the debut novel by Steph Cha featuring amateur sleuth Juniper Song. Song is unable to turn down a request from her best friend Luke to investigate whether or not his father has been having an affair on a young, very attractive woman from his firm. Having been a fan of crime mysteries and Philip Marlowe, she's more than happy to put all that she's learned into action. She just wasn't anticipating the action she'd get or how it makes her handle issues with her own past. Steph Cha did a great job of making me care about where the story was going by having such a relatable main character. I can see Song having a series where we can watch her grow as a detective or in her personal life. She has some issues that after having read this book, I would love to see worked out. My favorite part of the novel are hearing the witty or sarcastic things the narrator (Song) is saying or thinking. The characters in the story were all physically described well. I understand that with this novel being told in the first person, we can only know what Song knows, I just wish the peripheral characters and their personalities were described as well as their physical descriptions were. It would have helped me to care more for them. I appreciated Song being Korean. I loved learning about the culture and urge Cha to give us more of her in the next book. Overall, I was impressed with this debut novel. It held my attention and never got boring. It's a light-hearted read that I would recommend for all you amateur sleuths out there.

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