Friday, January 25, 2013

Review of Touch & Go by Lisa Gardner

Another great book by the infamous Lisa Gardner. It is no secret that I'm a fan of Gardner's. She always manages to keep the suspense at a high level and the unforseen twists coming until the last page. Even though I knew whodunit as I read this book, I was unsure of the motivation and that's what kept me hooked. Gardner introduces us to the Denbe family. They are the quinessential upper-class family. Living in the part of New Hampshire that most can only dream about. Justin Denbe is an heir to a successful construction company. Libby, the artsy, devoted mother of Ashlyn. They are seemingly the picturesque family but under the facade is the truth. The three are abducted and Tessa Leoni is on the case. Tessa is from one of Gardner's previous D.D. Warren (who also makes a short appearance) novels.
Gardner does a great job at revealing the family dynamic when it is under the most extreme of stress and how they crumble or thrive. This family seemed real enough with their secrets and lies that I found their actions throughout to be pretty believeable. I actually cared about this family. I felt most connected to Libby, who also acts as narrator in some chapters. If I had to say anything negative about this novel it's that I found the culprit had a huge flag waving the whole time "It's me!" but it did not stop me from reading on. The motivations behind the actions and layers of information given made me guess until the end why this person holding the flag was doing this. I believe Gardner needs no introduction and fans of mysteries and thrillers should already know who she is. For people who haven't yet read any of her books, I'd compare them most to Harlan Coben. In conclusion, another great read by Lisa Gardner. flag

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