Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Six Years... Still In Love

I'm over 60% and my thoughts so far are that this novel is classic Coben. There are styles and formulas that work for certain authors and they don't veer away from that. I don't find anything wrong with that. You give your audience what they want. An author writes what their comfortable writing. With that said, I am totally engrossed in this novel. There are so many red herrings and crazy moments that it's impossible not to be totally emersed into Jake Sanders world. But I must question when will he wise up... And does a man really stay longing for a "true love" for six years? Where are the men like that who can watch their "true love" get married to another man and still be smitten? Who are these men who can fall so hopelessly in love? Can you please give him my number?

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