Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Perfect Hatred by Leighton Gage

I have decided to devote the rest of the week reading books that are the most current in a series. When I read these books I try to be as honest as possible because I'm not clouded with the knowledge of having met the characters before. Good authors know that not every reader has the privelege of making the journey with their main hero so they must incorporate some of the past novels information into the current novel. I absolutely dislike not having read the series from the beginning but it should not get in the way of a good story. Hopefully Perfect Hatred will be a good standalone novel for those who are unfamiliar with Leighton Gage as well as satisfying for fans alike.

Synopsis: Chief Inspector Mario Silva and his team have a heavy work load with several high-profile cases. First, a suicide bombing that was apparently the work of a militant Islamist group. Then, a gubernatorial candidate is assassinated in broad daylight at a campaign rally. Could the cases be related? To complicate Silva's investigation, a criminal with a very bad grudge against the Chief Inspector has been released from prison and is plotting ugly revenge.

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