Monday, February 25, 2013

Review for Final Crossing by Carter Wilson

Let me start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed Final Crossing. It culminated everything that makes a suspense thriller novel a good novel. It of course had suspense, intrigue, death, mystery, and an interesting antagonist. Rudigar is an insane, sadistic nut who is able to decipher clues from words he sees. These clues help him to choose who his next victim will be. This guy could really be a case study on what goes horribly bad when and already fragile mind endures irreparable damage.

The other great element to a good suspense novel is the hero. He's gotta be worth caring about and badass. Although he's not written as a Rambo type character, his heart is good and genuine. He's a well-written character. Actually, both Rudiger and Jonas Osborne are well written characters. The backgrounds of both men are given with great detail. I especially enjoyed learning Rudiger's background.

In conclusion, I really did enjoy this book although most of the killing was done off stage until the end. I was actually shocked by the ending although there were other aspects I wasn't so shocked about. There would be no surprise if this is the beginning of a series for this author since I felt there were a couple of things left wide open for it to be.  I think fans of dark suspense or Ted Dekker would really enjoy this book.  I'm happy I was able to be taken on this journey by the author. I look forward to what's next.****

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