Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review of Guilt by Jonathan Kellerman

Although this is #28 in the Alex Delaware series, I don't get the overwhelming feeling that I've missed a lot. Dr. Delaware is pretty 3 dimensional although some of the other characters are not such as Milo Sturgis, but I still find that Kellerman has written this in a way that makes them familiar. I haven't had the privelege of reading the other Delaware novels but I don't feel like I needed to. This novel works well alone. I assume it would work just as well for Kellerman's fans. Really a well written book that had me guessing the entire time what the connections were and where they would lead next. I feel like I should go out and get the other 27 books in this series if only to find out the history of this great ensemble.

There isn't a lot of action in this book and the dialogue really moves this story forward. I'm a fan of novels being action-packed but the dialogue helps to show the depth of Dr. Alex Delaware who really shines most in this novel. From the research I've done, Milo Sturgis is an important player in these books, but as I wrote earlier, his dimension was not as well balanced as Delaware's. Besides the beginning, when Holly finds a makeshift grave with the 60 year old skeleton of a baby, the story can be slow at times. If Kellerman took out the time to analyze each character through Delaware's eyes, the story would have definitely dragged along.

If I had to gripe about one thing in particular about this novel it would be that at times it can move fairly slow. Although it's written in a fast paced manner, there were a couple moments where I was hoping something exciting would happen. Those moments are not often so they can be easily overlooked.  I am happy that I've finally had the privelege of reading Kellerman's work. He needs no introduction so there are no other authors I need to compare him to. Guilt is a great addition to such an established series. ***

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