Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Water Witch Runs Deeps

I expected that at 60% in this book, I would be singing it's praise to the high heavens given the high standard The Demon Lover set for its successor. I mean, c'mon... The Demon Lover was atmospheric, enticingly vivid, picturesque, absolutely engaging, and all the things that set standards for fantasy/romance books that will follow. The Water Witch is just as well-written and even more fast-paced. It goes even deeper into conflicts between the Grove and Fairwick. I love all that the pulling of either way Callie could go in her alliance. My only main drawback for this novel is its ever-present eroticism.

The Demon Lover had it's fair share of beautifully written erotic prose encased in a surreal gothic feel. This novel on the other hand tends to overdo it. We understand that Callie is falling in love with the incubus Liam but does she really need to dream about the sex-life they could be having moments after they've already engaged in intercourse in Faerie? I don't know and maybe I'm being nit-picky but I really feel that her magic training is more interesting than her lovelife. I'm interested in finding out where the second half of this enchanting novel will lead because it remains well-written, atmospheric, and engrossing. I can't wait to findout what side Callie takes and how it will all unfold.

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