Monday, March 11, 2013

The Andalucian Friend Update...

I'm exactly 45% in The Andalucian Friend by Alexander Soderberg and I must say that it's pretty interesting. This Scandinavian thriller isn't a typical thriller in the sense that there's danger lurking around every curve, but there's a lot of tension building up to what we want to assume will be a battle of epic porportions by rival gangs. The Spanish vs. The Germans. Both attempting to seize control and maintain what is rightfully there's. Unfortunately for Sophie, she seems to be brought along for the ride in this battle for turf and power.

After meeting Hector Guzman in the hospital, Sophie agrees to see him outside of the hospital. She's attracted to his kind eyes and good looks. Between coping with her husband's death and raising her son on her own, Sophie hasn't really made time to put her self back on the market. The irony  of it is that once she does, it's with a man who has some unsavory business prospects. Before long, Hector's criminal world comes crashing down in a bizarre way and sweeps Sophie in as well.

Although there aren't any deranged psychopaths, besides one of the cops that's stalking Sophie, this novel does possess a certain background tension that keeps me reading on. I want to know who's going to be victorious in this battle for turf. I also want to know if Sophie will be okay. She's a likeable enough character. Who wouldn't like a widowed mother, who works as a nurse. So far the author hasn't given us any reason not to hope for the best for her. I even want things between her and Hector to be all right. He seems like a good enough guy when he isn't killing people or laundering money.

My biggest concern so far is this rogue, drug addict cop that also seems to be on Sophie's tail. He's really disturbing but I guess that's the point. I mean this guy really needs some help and the other officers don't seem to notice that this guy has taken a turn for the worse. It's even worse for paid professionals not to notice when another paid professional is in need of professional help... I hope that last sentence made sense. Anyway! I will continue to read on because I do find this book to be pretty interesting as well as the characters that have been introduced thus far.  

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