Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Black Russian by Vladimir Alexandrov

I am currently reading The Black Russian by Vladimir Alexandrov. My intent was to read it during Black History Month, but I was a little behind on my required reading but I'm happy to now have the chance to dig into this biography about an extraordinary man born after the abolishment of slavery during the 1800s. It seems sometimes that a lot of black American's take for granted that this was not that long ago and many prejudices will not subside until we lead extraordinary lives. Lives that don't include killing each other, expecting a government check when we are able bodied, or the victim mentality that many still harbor dear. I love reading about success stories, even if they end not so successfully.

Synopsis:  The Black Russian is an incredible story of a man named Frederick Bruce Thomas born in 1872 to former slaves. Through hardwork his parents become successful until a wealthy farmer attempts to steal their land and scares them out of the Delta to Memphis. After criscrossing Europe, Thomas chooses to go to Russia in 1899 and made Moscow his home. This biography tells the life and times of a rags to riches to rags story of a black Russian.

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