Friday, March 22, 2013

The Weight of Small Things by Sherri Wood Emmons

The Weight of Small Things by Sherri Wood Emmons tells the story of Corrie Phillips.  Corrie lives a enviable life with her handsome, wealthy husband Mark. The only thing she's missing of course is the baby. When news of Corrie's ten-year reunion arrives so does the arrival of her college ex-boyfriend. Haunted by the memories of her past she agrees to meet her ex-boyfriend for better or worse.

I enjoyed this book for the most part. A couple of the characters are quirky and fun. Actually most of them complete each other. For a book that's mainly about the choices we make large or small, I felt that a few of them made bad decisions. I expected them to make better choices but I understand that in order for the characters to progress and evolve, these bad decisions needed to be made.

Emmons does a great job at character development. I felt that I knew each character and they were all believeable. Even when I was annoyed by them I still cared about how things would turn out. This is a story about love and how fragile it can be. It's also about the weight of the decisions we do (or don't) make and how those decisions affect our lives. If I had to say anything negative about this book it's that I found our protagonist a little ironic.

In conclusion, I felt that this novel is worth a read for all those women's literature lovers. It's a story about love, fidelity, choices, and forgiveness. It's a quick, smooth read that is engaging and interesting. *** 

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