Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review of The Humanity Project by Jean Thompson

The Humanity Project is a very moving novel that relates the stories of the many characters, in a larger story that encompasses hope, redemption, love, and resiliance. The characters in this novel include Linnea, who after surviving a high school shooting, is sent to live with her estranged father, Art, in an effort to assuage her guilt. Sean, the single father of Connor, is addicted to painkillers after an extremely serious car accident leaves him wondering what happened to his self and the driver of the vehicle. Finally we have Christie, a nurse who's asked to be the head of The Humanity Project by Mrs. Foster. Mrs. Foster is a wealthy widow who is anxious to invest in human nature and compell people to be the best human they can be.

The characters of The Humanity Project are definitely richly portrayed in their beautifully flawed selves. Thompson made me care about each person, even the bratty teenager I usually loathe. I wanted the absent father to succeed in reaching out to his daughter, I wanted the addict father to survive long enough to say thanks to his son for taking care of him and mostly, I wanted each person to beat what life was throwing at them and come out on top.

Ultimately, I'm happy that I've been given a chance to read this absorbing novel by Jean Thompson. The Humanity Project is full of great, relatable characters that have been dealt bad hands but still press on. I am more inclined now to question less why bad things happen to good people especially when I don't question why the good things happen. I would gladly recommend this book to anyone.****

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