Friday, April 5, 2013

Review of Tapestry of Fortunes by Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Berg fans really need no introduction to her work. The premise of her novels are usually based on a great female character who's been dealt a blow that drastically changes her life. Our duty as the reader is to go on the journey with that character. In Tapestry of Fortunes, Berg introduces us to Cecelia Ross, a motivational speaker who's finding it hard to move on after the death of her friend Penny. Penny was the most important thing in Cece's life. They were neighbors, life-long friends, and completed each other in ways that only a great friend can. During the short time between diagnosis and death Penny suggests things Cece can do to bring happiness to her life; to invite love in.

Cece decides to take time off from her lucrative career as an author and speaker to recharge her life in the ways that Penny would have wanted. She sells her house in an effort to downsize then moves in with three other women.  Lise is the homeowner with a daughter who's pretty much a jerk to her. Next, there's Joni who is an incredible chef but don't let her rude boss tell it. Finally, Renie, the youngest of the trio is a reporter for an alternative newspaper and really the most colorful.  Each woman compliments the other in ways that are necessary to their own personal growth. Cece suggests they embark on a journey to explore life and find "the one's who got away".

Berg writes a great character driven novel that's truly inspiring. Cece depended on her friend Penny as her source of love and I understood what a hole it left with her death. The journey these four women embark upon in an effort to find what it is they think may be missing in their lives, was so refreshing to read. There are hold your breath moments and even heartbreaking moments. Each step of their journey seemed real and plausible. Berg's ability to write believeable, loveable characters in real situations is what I find resonates most with the audience for this type of novel.

In conclusion, the ideas that love and friendship being the true fortune in life is something I can agree with. This novel is great for fans of Berg and will not disappoint. I actually liked this one more than the novel I read Open House. The characters have more depth and the themes are more on track with a larger audience. I look forward to reading more by Berg. She is my go-to for meaningful women's literature.****

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