Monday, May 13, 2013

Poppet and Lockit...

I begin work today on Poppet by Mo Hayder. The sparked my interest with Poppet is the creepy cover. There's some sort of trinket, statue... I don't know what the heck it is but it sure looks appealing. Mo Hayder is not a rookie and has been tauted as being a master as seemlessly plotted thrillers. To that description I reply "bring it on!". I love a great thriller and I'm hoping to add Hayder to my list of favorite authors. Although this is not the first, rathe the sixth, in the Jack Caffery series, I am hoping that won't make a bit of difference and great storytelling will prevail. Let's Read!

Synopsis: Everything goes according to procedure when a patient, Isaac, is released into the community from a high security mental health ward. But when the staff realize that he was connected to a series of unexplained episodes of self-harm amongst the ward’s patients, and furthermore that he was released in error, they call on Detective Jack Caffery to investigate, and to track Isaac down before he can kill again. Will the terrifying little effigies Isaac made explain the incidents around the ward, or provide the clue Caffery needs to predict what he's got planned?

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