Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review of My Second Death by Lydia Cooper

My Second Death is the debut novel written by Lydia Cooper featuring a strange, antisocial personality named  Mickey Brandis.  The novel begins with Mickey finding a strange note leading her to an abandoned crack house where she discovers a body. That isn't the last strange thing that has happened to Mickey, an artist introduced to her through her older brother David convinces her to investigate the murder of his mother. All these occurances definitely disrupt the quiet life Mickey has created for herself after years of therapy and many diagnoses.

My Second Death is engrossing, initally. Mickey is recalling the nightmares she has at times and is explaining a lot about herself. She's very self-aware and is cautious not to go down the road of repeating killing a man again. Mickey is focused on her dissertation and basically surviving in a world she doesn't understand. I wanted so badly to like her but she's so flat that I couldn't muster up enough enthusiasm to continue. I guess that's the point of her. She's unable to express emotions so she comes off in moments of interaction as very stoic. Since I did continue reading and I am happy that I stuck with it. I did not completely see the ending coming. Nor did I foresee any of the revelations to surface.

This debut novel by Lydia Cooper is a good character driven novel that's worth a read. It explores family dynamic, growth, and the human psyche. My Second Death is recommended to fans of psychological thrillers and debut hunters. I can see Lydia Cooper only getting better and someday becoming a force to reckon with in the world of literature. ***

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