Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Review of A Tap On the Window by Linwood Barclay

I have finished A Tap On the Window by Linwood Barclay and I must say each book I read by him is better than the last. Barclay is definitely the go to when you're in need of fast paced suspense thriller that is full of twists, turns, and genuine "wtf" moments.

Cal Weaver is sitting in a parking lot trying to avoid the girl who's attempting to hitch a ride. He's successful in this attempt up until the point when she taps on the window of his car and mentions his recently deceased son Scott. Still leary of giving her a ride, he complies and that's when things get strange. After news surfaces that the teenaged girl he's given the ride to is now missing, Cal is on a mission to find her. Using his expertise as an ex-cop turned PI Cal closes in on the truth of what's really been going on in this small town.

I want to first acknowledge that I'm happy that Barclay used a man who has background in law enforcement to headline this novel. The throwing an "everyman" into situations where they are constantly at a disadvantage is tiring. Cal is no Rambo but he knows how to get the job done. His voice narrates most of the novel. Barclay does a great job at bringing him to life and making the reader really feel the pain he feels of having lost his only child.

A Tap On the Window seemingly goes in one direction then does a complete 180. It's easy to assume that maybe Cal is going to be accused of God knows what after giving the girl a ride but thankfully Barclay stayed away from that overdone story. One moment it seems that the rogue coppers are the cause of all the problems, the next it could be the old lady up the street. This novel is fun that way. I remained guessing until the end what could be next for our hero. FYI the end is something I never saw coming (heartbreaking).

In case it's not obvious I'm a fan of Linwood Barclay. I think his books get better and better. Barclay's writing will appeal to fans of Harlan Coben. A Tap On the Window is a thrilling suspense story that will keep readers invested until the end.****

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