Monday, June 17, 2013

Review: Lynwood by Thomas Brown

There's something about a supernatural, horror novel set in the sleepy villages of England's countryside that always make my skin crawl a little more. Lynnwood is no exception to this fascination. In the Forest that separates Lynnwood from the rest of civilization lives an entity that has a hunger that needs to be fed. The strangest thing I found about this novel is that everyone knows it's there but doesn't talk about it.

Thomas Brown has managed to pack quite a punch in few pages. He's descriptive in character development and sufficiently atmospheric in the landscape setup. There wasn't a moment I felt that I couldn't picture this village nor its inhabitants. Lynnwood is vividly drawn.

Ultimately, I would recommend Lynnwood to fans of Phil Rickman. There is a great sense of a supernatural presence haunting this town and I believe readers will be happy with this read. Lynnwood only further reminds me why I don't go into the woods all that often near my house. ****

ISBN# 9781907230424

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