Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Until She Comes Home by Lori Roy

Until She Comes Home is the riveting novel by Lori Roy. This is the first I've read by this author but I have read many good reviews for Bent Road. I can understand why the reviews are favorable because Roy is quite a gifted author.  Until She Comes Home begins with Malina fretting in her kitchen about the whereabouts of her husband and concerned that the town will know exactly where he is since his vehicle is missing from the driveway. The first chapter lets us know that there are some serious problems in this town that will soon be coming to a head.

With the death of a black woman and the disappearance of a "childlike" woman named Elizabeth, the whole town is on pins and needles and engulfed in fear. Neighbors are contemplating moving form the homes since the sudden influx of coloreds and the disappearance of Elizabeth. While the men go out searching for the girl, the wives stay in the "safety" of their homes. One woman in particular knows what may have happened to Elizabeth, but she is too afraid to tell. Rather, she's encouraged not to tell because of it's possible repercussions.

Until She Comes Home is fast paced and immediately absorbing. I got lost in the lives of the towns folk for the week they spent looking for Elizabeth. The twins Izzy and Arie are completely mesmerizing and fun to follow being the only children in the novel. Grace, and her secrets keeps readers in suspense about what she may do regarding the missing girl. Malina and her craziness only further paints a vivid picture of this 1950s Detroit neighborhood. Each character is vividly drawn and their depth comes from some of the secrets they harbor.

Blurbs of this book suggest that it's a thriller but I didn't find it suspenseful in the conventional sense.  Besides on harrowing scene in a garage, the other main plot driver was done off scene. There is a mysterious buildup but never a hair standing up on the back of my neck feeling. The book is perfectly acceptable as is, but the blurb does not do much in that regard except be misleading. Much of the characters are full of fear but not for killers on the loose. 

Ultimately, I look forward to reading Bent Road by Lori Roy. Her fans will find this to be a great followup. Until She Comes Home is definitely a not-to-be-missed read. ****

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