Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: A Delicate Truth by Zoe McKnight

Disclosure: I suggest reading Living in Glass Houses before reading A Delicate Truth

I loved A Delicate Truth by Zoe McKnight even more than the debut novel Living in Glass Houses. A Delicate Truth picks up with Blair, a main character from its predecessorLiving in Glass Houses. As we all know, Blair was harboring a huge secret from her husband that could break their union irrevocably. A Delicate Truth explores the outcome of having that secret.

Zoe McKnight does an excellent job of making Blair real to readers. The novel is told from Blair's point of view so we are able to understand her motivations, although most of the time I did not agree with her. I'm certain she was my least favorite from Living in Glass Houses. Because we are given a more intimate view of her perspective, I can say she's not so bad. Of course there are moments I could have shook her and said "get it together woman!". Eventually, she does grow and McKnight molds her into a character I actually came to care for.

The tension in this book is so strong from the beginning, it's hard to look away and live our own lives. I became so invested in Blair's life that I didn't want to do anything except read on. The secret that controls her life is the source of this tension and there were moments I thought ENOUGH! I can't take it anymore. Something's gotta give.

A great plot, well-developed characters, great pacing, and the hope for resolve is what drives this novel and can't be missed by fans of McKnight. I urge readers to read Living in Glass Houses first. There's mention of those characters and a recurring role for Elle here in A Delicate Truth. I thank Zoe McKnight for writing a followup and I'm interested in finding out what has happened with the lives of others such as Jonathan and Lauryn. I've learned from reading A Delicate Truth that sometimes you just have to put your big-girl panties on and deal with the truth. No matter the consequences.  ****

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