Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Review: Blood of the Lamb by Sam Cabot

I began reading this novel Blood of the Lamb because it's described as being a mix between The DaVinci Code and The Historian. I have never had the privelege of reading The Historian but based on it's comparison to The DaVinci Code, I was more than happy to give this novel a go. Being a huge fan of historical fiction and paranormal fiction, this book seems to be the perfect marraige between the two.

Father Thomas Kelly is asked to find a centuries-old document named Concordat. After finding a letter written by a poet from the 19th century, he discovers clues as to it's whereabouts. Enter Livia, an art historian and Noantri (a vampire), who's interest in finding the Concordat is just as great as Kelly's but for totally different reasons. Also enter all the bad guys on their trail.

In the context that it's presented, the paranormal aspect of the novel fits very well. Sam Cabot (the writing duo of S.J. Rozan and Carlos Dews) give some interesting and fresh views on vampires and their relationship with society. I found that to be more interesting than the clues that they were deciphering. Keeping track of all the bad guys and good guys is a little hard when there seem to be so many. The chapters that they are involved in don't seem to add any new information to the plot, they are only used as ways to add depth to that character. The Cabot duo definitely get an A+ for the character depth. I genuinely liked Kelly and Livia... others I didn't know why I needed to know them so well.

Essentially, this novel is well written, interesting, has vampires and may piss off religious zealots. Why not read it for that very reason? The reason why I don't wholly recommend this novel is because of its meandering nature unless a slow burn is what the reader enjoys. The action comes but it's quick and far between. Last I checked The DaVinci Code was a page turner. This is not that. Enough with the comparisons you say? Well it shouldn't be marketed that way.  **

 ****Although I did not finish this novel in its entirety, I did make it to over half the book, but in the interest of full disclosure I wanted to point that out. I will revisit this title later in order to be absolutely fair but until then... this is my rating and I'm sticking to it.

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