Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review: The Brotherhood by Lawrence R. Deering

I have completed the latest novel by Lawrence R. Deering named The Brotherhood. My initial interest in this title is because who doesn't love a good story about the Antichrist? When we all live in a world that shows how divisive religion can be, it's hard not to get mesmerized by the idea that there's someone laying in wait to prey on these people.

Aaron Davis is a modern-day phenomenon. At the age of 7 he heals a woman of cancer. From that point on, his life as a "messenger" grew into an empire. By 14 he was packing stadiums only to be later dubbed as a prophet who was given the "gift". His graduation from Harvard Divinity School was even televised. Suffice it to say he's bigger than Joel Osteen. An older, wiser Aaron, at the height of his ministry, creates a global nonprofit religious organization named The Brotherhood of Man.

The Brotherhood of Man is to be used as an international peacekeeping force comprised of leaders from the six major religions. These churches would then pay stipends for the Brotherhood to maintain military forces and broker peace wherever needed. Sounds good you say? Initially everything's all good. 

Enter Congressman Jack Holder who's soon to be Pres. Holder. Unlike other countries, he's not so quick to jump on the Aaron Davis train. And he's conveniently, secretly, a Mason. His wife, Barbara is actually convinced that Aaron may be the Antichrist. But is he

Lawrence R. Deering writes an extremely interesting and ambitious novel exploring what happens when we allow wolves in sheep's clothing to rule the world. When there seems to be no separation between the church and politics, The Brotherhood seems to be what could happen. Although an extreme case scenario, it's still very "accepted" or "plausible" because the story's been sold over and over again in the book of Revelations. This seems to be the most terrifying aspect of this novel. 

What I liked most about The Brotherhood is it's use of verses in the Bible prophesying that maybe Aaron is not on the up and up. For those who aren't completely familiar with the spotting of an Antichrist, these verses work wonders. Including these verses and the fact that this novel moves swiftly is not an easy feat.

On the topic of pacing. I thought for sure there were moments I wished Deering has slowed down. I didn't ever feel like I was watching a story unfold as opposed to just being told what's happening. And the main characters are not easy to relate to. Everyone loves a fast read when it's time for one, but it shouldn't be at the expense of great storytelling or caracture development.

Overall, The Brotherhood by Lawrence R. Deering is an interesting read about the fate of the world should an Antichrist come to power. The exploration of allowing our religious beliefs murky our polical actions is always topic worthy. I'm left wondering would I be one of the flock following a wolf in sheep's clothing when the time comes? I hope not...  **

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