Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Corktown by Ty Hutchinson

I am impressed with this novel Corktown written by Ty Hutchinson. I'm most impressed with the star Abby Kane. Abby Kane is a wise-cracking, tough as nails, and fiesty FBI agent who's called in to assist the Detroit PD with a string of murders that has plagued the town. The reason she's called in is because she's good at her job and the murderer may be copying an imprisoned serial killer dubbed The Doctor. Suffice it to say, these heinous murders are reason enough to get this nut off the streets as soon as possible.

Before long, Abby realizes that there's something that stinks of corruption with this case. The man who's sentenced for The Doctor's crimes tells her he isn't the guy and she believes him. Her brilliance leads her to believe that the copycat may actually be the true killer. She doesn't have much support with the Detroit PD, but that doesn't change Abby's mission to get the guy. 

What I liked most about this novel and attributes to my giving it a 4/5 star score is Abby. Corktown shifts points of view between Abby and other peripheral characters. The secondary characters never come to be as full or any less caricature throughout the novel. I don't mind this so much because I love the chapters where Abby is narrating and we get inside her head. She hails from Hong Kong and was the youngest woman to graduate from their police academy. A woman like that in such a male dominated society has got to have a pair of balls. 

Abby isn't all guts and no depth. She also suffers from the guilt of not being able to spend as much time as she would like with the two children her late husband left her with. The struggle between the call of duty and being plain old mom is relatable to many women who may read this novel. 

Another plus about this novel is that the plot really ties into the plight that is Detroit. A city that has primarily experienced a mass exodus as well as massive layoffs is the perfect backdrop for Corktown. The idea of corruption and scandal at the highest levels make this novel more believeable than had it just been placed in some no-name town. 

Corktown by Ty Hutchinson is definitely a fast read. It's leading lady Abby Kane is sure to excite readers. I know fans of Hutchinson will want to read this crime thriller. I look forward to seeing how Abby Kane develops in future novels.  ****

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