Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: What Matters Most by Bette Lee Crosby

Another great read from Bette Lee Crosby. After reading Spare Change I was more than looking forward to reading more by this author (who also happens to be a goodreads friend). What Matters Most is the story of Louise Palmer and her plans to thwart the move to Florida with her husband Clay Palmer.

Louise is a woman who has planned her life and isn't very keen on change. She has the life she's always wanted in New Jersey. A quilting circle, family, friends, and a life. When Clay receives word that his uncle has left him his home in Tall Pines, Florida, he is more than happy to settle into retirement, sell their home, and move on to fishing and lazying about all day. Louise wants nothing more than to stay put.

The fun thing about What Matters Most is all the southern charm it is laced with. I felt as if I were sitting with a friend, shooting the breeze with my sweet tea hearing a story. A story full of well developed characters, laugh-out-loud moments, superstitions, and some real tension as well. I could definitely relate to Louise even when I thought she was acting ridiculously. Given the background Crosby provides, it's easy to understand why she's the way she is. Louise is a character I won't soon forget especially after reading the scene at a rest station when Yoo runs off. It was hilarious.

Ultimately Bette Lee Crosby has written another superb novel full of the southern charm I've come to expect since reading Spare Change. The story is about what matters most and one woman's journey to figuring that out.  ****

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