Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review: The Angel Stone by Juliet Dark

The Fairwick Chronicles has come to an end with The Angel Stone. I hate to see Callie go but after 3 books I'm beat. Anyone who is interested in reading this book should read the first two The Demon Lover and The Water Witch. Juliet Dark does supply readers with ample background information but it's really necessary to go discover it all first-hand and not in the abridged version provided in this novel. With that being said let's move on to my thoughts... yes!

Juliet Dark begins The Angel Stone a few months later from where the plot ended in The Water Witch. Those who have followed the series know that Callie's incubus has been killed after becoming human briefly. Duncan Laird, the evil wizard of the 9th order, and his nephilim, have taken over the Fairwick College and have big plans for the student body. Callie and the others left in Fairwick after the door was closed, devise a plan to take back their school as well as their lives. This is the goal at least until Callie finds another guy...

Callie must be the hottest woman on earth because she gets laid constantly. Sorry to be so brash but she's really romping it up and when she isn't she's dreaming about it. That was the most annoying aspect of The Water Witch. Lucky me (insert sarcasm here) Juliet Dark continued to keep up with that bizarre limbido of Callie's. I needed to get that gripe off my chest and move on to the good.

Juliet Dark's writing is still top-notch with this novel. I feel like I've escaped to another dimension every time I pick up a Fairwick Chronicle book. The setting is well described with a supporting cast of characters worth getting to know throughout the 3 books in this series. 

Overall, I am saddened that my time with Callie is over but I am still relieved. It's so tiring that Callie finds any reason to let a hot piece of tail distract her from saving Fairwick. I have enjoyed this journey and has made me a fan of the fantasy romance genre. I recommend The Angel Stone to anyone who's read the other two first, and lives for the romance in a fantastical world.  ****

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