Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: The October List by Jeffery Deaver

I didn’t think Jeffery Deaver would be able to pull it off writing a novel in reverse but I must say, although a little gimmicky, he does it quite well. The ending, which is in fact the beginning, was nothing at all like I thought it’d be. 

The October List is a document that is causing all types of hell for Gabriela McKenzie. A man approaches her with news that Sarah, her daughter, has been kidnapped and to get her back she must supply him with the October List. But what exactly is the October List and why has it put killers, mobsters, police officers, and FBI on her trail? That is the question of the hour as the first chapter shows our heroine facing down to a gun.

The October List can be finished in a few hours and is written more as a short story. The 300+ pages that it is do not seem to ever slow down. Initially this is annoying to me as a person who really likes to root for great characters. But as the mysteries unfold, so does the character depth of at least Gabriela McKenzie. I would like to think that more could have been done with the other characters in regards to their being anything other than paper-thin caricatures, but then it wouldn’t really be a race against the clock as the blurbs have suggested.

Never have I wanted to get to the beginning, really ending, of a book more than with this one. Not because it was boring but because I was intrigued by this October List. What could be so important that it leaves a trail of dead bodies along the way? Please read The October List to find out. Although it doesn’t feature my favorite brilliant forensic specialist Lincoln Rhyme, it is definitely one of my favorite by Jeffery Deaver. A must-read for thriller lovers.  ****

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