Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Skinnygirl Solutions by Bethenny Frankel

I admit I've never been a fan of Bethenny Frankel but am a little intrigued by her. I love everything Housewives and my television might actually but stuck on Bravo right now. Bethenny has always been one of the wives I am impartial to. Neither love or hate. Skinnygirl Solutions is almost like my becoming reacquainted with her and finding out what her appeal is.

Skinnygirl Solutions features Frankel's solutions for most any situation in an effort to live the Skinnygirl lifestyle or wellness. There are references to her other works such as Naturally Thinso the first chapter is primarily a crash course, overview with respect to what that self-help book is written about. The first half of Skinnygirl Solutions is all about food. For someone interested in losing weight and doing it Frankel's way is sure to find her no nonsense, sarcastic, and humorous approach a refreshing look at a genre that has been beaten to death.

Skinnygirl Solutions provides solutions to living a better well-rounded life. Frankl dispels any concern I had with her making a fatty like me feel like crap. No, she simply insists that Skinnygirl is about balance and finding what works for you. She mentions strategies that I may incorporate into my life such as picking my spot when to be a fatty and when not to be. I also like the advice of never eating out of a bag. I have to remember that when I'm sitting in my cubical about to snack on a bag of Cheetos.

Skinnygirl Solutions is organized well and contains very good advice but I couldn't help notice how repetitive the first half seemed. I figure that comes with the territory in books of this nature. Nothing works better at helping self than beating the fundamentals into your head.
Once Frankel provides solutions for cleaning house, entertaining guest, and organizing one's life the repetition ceased and I was able to really enjoy it. 

One other gripe are the shameless plugs for Skinnygirl bars, or cocktails, or cleanse products. I know you have to market your products but come on. Ironically enough those plugs have me thinking about trying one of those products... but really!?!??! It isn't enough that you're buying the book?

Overall, I would recommend Skinnygirl Solutions to anyone who's a Bethenny Frankel fan and is looking for a self-help book that isn't the norm. Although she reminds us that she isn't an expert, I figure who is?  *** 

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