Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review: Fear Nothing by Lisa Gardner

I love Lisa Gardner’s latest novel Fear Nothing. Gardner always leaves readers guessing and rooting for the hero. In the interest of full disclosure, I am definitely a fan of Gardner’s and have been for a long time. Her novels crime thrillers are always fast-paced and full of sadistic nut jobs I’d never want to be left alone in any room with. Fear Nothing follows the same formula she is known for but still manages to seem fresh and engaging.

Fear Nothing is the 7th in her D.D. Warren series. For fans of the Warren series, we all know that she’s Boston’s most influential detectives and never ceases to bring the goods.  In this latest novel, she’s battling a an avulsion fracture after she goes back to a crime scene and is surprised by an unknown assailant.  D.D.’s captain suggests she speaks to Dr. Adeline Glen. Dr. Glen is a pain specialist who feels no pain.

Imagine a world where you feel no pain. The fear of an impending blow to the face, or a broken arm ceases to exist. Sounds pretty lovely except when you have to constantly check over your body to make sure you haven’t injured yourself inadvertently. Or constantly checking your temperature because you're not able to sweat and the risk of overheating can cause you to pass out.  These are the routines Adeline goes through to feel some little bit of normalcy.

While D.D. is trying to cope with her debilitating injury,  a killer is loose on Boston’s streets. A killer whose MO is similar to Adeline’s own sister is terrorizing the streets. Soon D.D. realizes that Adeline may be the key to breaking the case wide open. Since she has no memory of her own attack, she’s hoping the doctor who feels no pain, can help break the case.

Fear Nothing explores a topic that’s always pretty popular with psychological thrillers. The nature vs. nurture debate. Adeline’s past is anything but ideal. She’s the daughter of a well-known killer who suggests blood is love. Adeline also battles her own demons that will leave readers wondering what is the whole story. What exactly is her deal?

Fear Nothing will excite Lisa Gardner’s fans and make putting this novel down impossible. There’s misdirection, interesting characters, and gruesome murders. Basically the essentials for a great crime thriller. Lisa Gardner never fails her audience. ****

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