Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Review: The Troop by Nick Cutter

I am one of the biggest fans of horror books that contain the most gross, icky, bloody, and cringe inducing moments ever. After reading this book I realized I missed books that doesn't apologize for being the epitome of creepy as is it implants the most vivid images of gore. This book, The Troop fit the bill to a void that had been missing from my life. Thank you Nick Cutter!

A man who is seriously hungry and unable to fill that endless void escapes to Falstaff Island, Prince Edward Island. Troop leader Tim is unable to ignore the signs of a troubled man, nor his hippocratic oath, and tries to help him. This man is emaciated to the point where it seems he shouldn't be alive. Tim unknowningly has brought a seriously isidious, deadly contagion into the mix. Yes I'll say it too since there's no way else to get around it, Lord of the Flies anyone? Seriously it isn't a complete rip-off at all but the comparison is unavoidable with the use of five teenage boys alone on a deserted island. Especially when one could possibly be a sociopath.

The Troop shifts focus between what's happening on the island and hindsight. Hindsight being the magazine articles, blogs, transcripts from witnesses who appeared before the Federal Investigation Board. The reports provided through these channels helps to gage what the publics reation was to the situation and gave us insight into how/why things end the way they do.

Aside from the actual horror part, Nick Cutter proves he's a capable author. The plot is absolutely engaging from the beginning and if horror is your interest, The Troop will make the grade. Cutter's shifting focus is easy to follow and the excitement really shows no letting up at all during the +300 pages. He's descriptive to a fault. Between the moments of gore, themes such as greed, vanity, and the price of war appear.

Ultimately, The Troop is highly recommended. If I've learned nothing at all except one thing after reading this novel it's that I don't want any fast solutions via mystery pills. I'll take the road less traveled.  ****

Copy provided by Gallery Book/Simon and Schuster via Netgalley 

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