Sunday, January 19, 2014

Review: Before We Met by Lucie Whitehouse

Hannah lives a charmed life with her husband Mark up until he's MIA at Heathrow airport. After waiting for him for hours, hoping that his flight home from New York hasn't turned into a disaster, she finally goes home. The morning brings with it a host of problems unforeseen where lies once told are slowly unraveling. Lies that threaten their charmed life.

Before We Met is the novel by Lucie Whitehouse that has been compared toGone Girl. I really hope that every new novel that features a married couple going through what married people do, doesn't have to hold the weight of this same comparison. Seriously, this novel doesn't add up. Neither does Gone Girl for that matter, but it isn't fair. So based on its own merits is the spirit in which I write this review.

Hannah is a peculiar character that I never once found an ounce of concern for. She's worked on not repeating her mother's sins. You know the type of woman who pretty much chases her man away by never being able to trust him. Hannah doesn't want to be that woman. It isn't until she's given reason to doubt her husband that she finds herself down the road of no return. A road full of mystery, intrigue, and suspicion. 

Before We Met did not start off being a good read for me. I thought it was boring and predictable. And as mentioned before, I couldn't ever warm up to Hannah. I almost felt that she was naive and kept blinders on for some obscene reason. She seems to find so much information in an afternoon. What cloud was her head in until now? After I forgave Hannah her shortcomings, I was able to enjoy the story.

Ultimately, Before We Met turned out to be a gripping story of suspense begging readers to question what do they really know about anyone. It doesn't seem so easy to take someone's word for it anymore. That's pretty scary. If you can't even trust the person you've pledged til death do you part to be completely transparent and honest, than who can you trust?  ***

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