Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French

For the longest I've been hoping to read a Nicci French crime, mystery thriller. When given the opportunity through Goodreads, I didn't hesitate to ask for an advanced copy. Once I was approved I did my usual happy jig. After reading Waiting for Wednesday I've come to the conclusion that I did myself a great disservice by not reading the previous Freida Klein novels. 

This novel, Waiting for Wednesday begins with Ruth Lennox being discovered in her home by her daughter, dead from an apparent brutal attack. Initially no one can fathom how a mother of three teens could be randomly selected as the victim of some sadistic crazy until the truth of her life begins to surface for the world to scrutinize. 

Detective Karlsson is interested in finding the killer as well as defending Freida Klein's honor. After Freida was embroiled with a previous case that almost cost her life, as well as has rendered her in a state of fear. The only times I found Klein to be human were during the moments when she was vulnerable to the fear she felt when dealing with the monster from the case from hell.

Essentially, I was completely drawn in by Nicci French's eloquence in her words choice, vivid descriptions, and believable conversations. What I couldn't ignore was how much of an outsider I felt after much of the novel. I wanted so much to be engorged in this novel, but I was constantly attempting to feel some sort of connection to the characters. I never once felt that way about any of these characters. Including Freida Klein. She seemed cold and distant. Sure she opened the doors of her world to her neice, who also befriends the victims only son, there was nothing else that suggested she had emotions. 

My review is basically this: I should have read the previous Frieda Klein novels in order to truly appreciate the depth of Nicci French's writing. Don't get me wrong. She's an awesome writer and I'm more than grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to enjoy her writing. I think I'll become more familiar with her earlier Klein novels before I move forward in this series.  ***

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