Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Be Careful What You Wish For by Jeffrey Archer


Jeffrey Archer forces me, and other readers alike, to wait a whole year before we can get the book 5 in the Clifton Chronicles?!?!?! That is unacceptable. Like it's predecessors, Be Careful What You Wish For ends with a cliffhanger that cleverly forces readers to buy the next in the series. I see what you did there Mr. Archer. And I'm not mad at all. Not one little bit...

Be Careful What You Wish For begins where leaves off barely allowing a moment to breath before getting swept away in the lives of a family that seems to attract the most ruthless villains. What's insane is that the Barrington's and Clifton's are a good family that just want to maintain their lives in peace. Giles Barrington has his politics, Harry has his novels, and Emma has her company... What makes people work so ruthlessly to destroy them?

I have learned through Jeffrey Archer that with greatness comes a whole sort of problems and the only way to make it through is by thinking two steps ahead of the enemy. Similar to the previous books, the Barringtons/Clifton's constantly try to thwart the devastating blows that are thrown their way by ruthless people who only want to see their demise. There's one heartbreaking loss that totally took me by surprise and reminded me why I love Archer's writing so much.

My review in a nutshell is that Be Careful What You Wish For is an awesome follow up to Best Kept Secret and should not be read without starting the first in the series. I repeat: DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU'VE READ BOOKS 1-3!!!!. I do look forward to the conclusion of this series and only regret that I'll have to wait until 2015 to accomplish that. ****

Copy provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley


  1. You need to be a special kind of author-addict to wait patiently year after year, for one book of a chronicle to be released and then again, wait. not that Lord Archer had left me with much of a choice. I am reading him since I was 14 and he is the only author 'since then' who has always delivered, beyond expectations.

    Be CareFul What You Wish For begins with a faux news of Sebastian Clifton's death, which his parents Harry and Emma soon realise, was wrong. Sebastian friend and Martinez's son had died instead, in an accident which was staged to kill Sebastian.
    Martinez had already wanted revenge for reasons stated in the previous book. Now he was after blood. He wants to destroy the Barrington-Clifton dynastyand will stoop to any level. Sebastian with his mentor, tries to outdo Martinez with extremely clever plot but does need to accept defeat. Martinez wanted to serve revenge cold, and Sebastian was all out to save his family. In this book, the next generation is shown active so I am assuming, the next book would be more about them.
    A brilliant read!

  2. I especially enjoy his work too. I haven't been reading Archer since 14 but when I got my hands on Kane and Able a few years ago, I've been a fan ever since.