Saturday, May 31, 2014

Review: A Deadly Business by Lis Wiehl

A Deadly Business is the second novel written by Lis Wiehl featuring Mia Quinn. She is a prosecutor for Seattle's Violent Crimes Unit. The story continues her life after the possible suicide of her husband who left her with two children and massive debts. Mia constantly finds herself balancing life as a full-time prosecutor and mother but often feels that she is drowning under the weight of it all.

Mia's latest case involves three teens who perform a vicious act of reckless disregard towards a woman who couldn't have been less deserving. She consistently goes back and forth with the decision to charge them as adults or not. Meanwhile, after the insistence of Charlie, a detective she may or not have feelings for, she discovers her husband may have in fact been murdered.

The most interesting part of this followup to A Matter of Trust for me is the unveiling of Mia's husbands' mysterious death. Although some of the revelations are obvious, Wiehl had me eating out of the palm of her hand as the pieces of his life were falling into place. 

Once again, Lis Wiehl writes a rapidly moving, suspense thriller that just piles on the "whoa" moments. A lot was packed into this short novel. I imagine most reading this novel will wonder how they got to the end so fast. Never once did Wiehl allow me to come up for air.

A Deadly Business, as mentioned before, is a great followup to A Matter of Trust and proves to fans that this series is worth investing in. After reading my third novel by this author, I think it's safe to say I'm a fan. Her books just keep getting better.   ***

Copy provided by Thomas Nelson via Netgalley

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