Saturday, August 30, 2014

Review: The Catch by Taylor Stevens

First things first, I'm on the fence with this novel and the rating. I'm torn between giving it 3-stars or 4-stars. On one hand, traversing the the dangerous underworld of Africa's maritime scene with danger around every corner was quite invigorating. Yet... I found some parts to be extremely boring and slow.

I was blown away by Vanessa Michael Munroe after winning and reading The DollThe Doll was my introduction to this badass chick who learns languages with ease, can transform any object into a weapon, and is the go to for any extraction that needs to be off the books. Yes! I'm a fan of Munroe... The Catch just didn't do it for me 100% of the time.

While working as an interpreter for a small security company, Munroe finds her self coaxed into journeying with the crew on a ship. Before long, she discovers the ship is transporting illegal guns and cargo. Before she can even approach her boss Leo, the ship is hijacked by "pirates". Discovering the true treasure is the captain of the ship, Munroe hauls him off to safety in hopes of finding out what it is the "pirates" are after.

First of all, Taylor Stevens still manages to pull readers into Munroe's story by providing a sentimental element. After Munroe's last extraction, she is on a personal journey to rid her life of all the tragedy that seems to follow her. This introduces readers to another side of Munroe outside of the G.I. Jane that she is.

What bothered me about The Catch was that there were moments it was just plain old boring. In my opinion, The Doll was engaging and thrilling from start to finish. There were slow parts when Munroe was digging for information that I thought was tough to stay interested in. I begged for the action I reveled in before. I feel that the action and thrills were few and far between in The Catch.

Long story short, I enjoyed The Catch and although it has its ups and downs in terms of plot progression, I can't express enough how awesome Taylor Stevens writing is. Munroe is a great character and I enjoy following her story. I just hope the next catch doesn't give me reason to throw it overboard at times.  ***

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