Monday, January 5, 2015

Review: No Fortunate Son by Brad Taylor

The secret's out that after reading the last 2? or 3? Brad Taylor books, I'm kinda hooked. When I need a book that I can quickly escape into, and get lost in I turn to books like this with bad-ass characters who you wouldn't want to be caught with a knife in their gunfight with. Yes Pike Logan is da man. He traipse the globe with his team of other bad-asses named the Taskforce. They are a super secret group that only the top guys in Washington know about. Their missions are usually to save those who have no idea what type of danger their really in. 

One huge glaring difference in No Fortunate Son is that Pike doesn't have his team. After the actions he took in his last adventure (Days of Rage
What's the current situation? I'm glad you asked. A slew of Irish terrorists kidnap children of men in power such as the Vice President's son, and the Secretary of Defense... so on and so forth. And this is where things get interesting and falter a little bit.

Taylor ropes in his readers with action that doesn't cease but when I look back, I see a lot of holes that I just didn't come together in the end. One major idea is that potentially the US doesn't care if a bunch of nobodies die so it makes more sense to take someone a lot closer to home. That was fine and dandy. But eventually, there's talk that something the kidnapped may know that can be used a potential leverage. That never really comes into fruition. I don't know... but I never really felt these plot twists were used to their full potential or seen through.

Besides my little plot gripes I will continue to read more Brad Taylor novels and follow Pike Logan to the ends of the Earth because I know he will save me from any bad guy there. He's still haunted by the deaths of his wife and daughter enough to make him an interesting character that is worth liking in all his bad-assery. Overall, fans of this series won't be disappointed and potential fans of this series, be warned that one crazy thrill-ride will ensue upon opening No Fortunate Son.  ***

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