Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Reviews: Betrayed by Lisa Scottoline

This book was quite the thrill ride especially towards the end. Betrayed follows the story of Judy Carrier and associate with Rosato & Associates. This novel is the second installment in the Rosato and DiNunzio series. I read this novel while in my daily confessional... and it was highly entertaining.

Because I'm familiar with this author and some of the other guest appearances in the book. Judy Carrier is given the news from her aunt Barb that she's battling breast cancer and will need surgery soon. And in the midst of that tragic information, a woman named Iris, Barb's best friend, dies suspiciously on a lonely stretch of road from a supposed heart attack. Aunt Barb enlists Judy's help to investigate the suspicious death since the police don't seem too keen on solving an illegals' mysterious death. 

Then of course, things begin to be more and more bizarre. People begin to disappear or are mysteriously killed. And while Judy is carrying the weight of her aunt's health on her shoulders, a seemingly disengaged fiancee, an overbearing mother, and her first real solo case, she finds her own life in danger after delving a little too deep in the mysteries surrounding Iris. Yes... there are a lot of moving parts. 

The thing that makes novels like Betrayed easy to read are that there are so many moving parts. What makes it the furthest thing from literary aptitude but it sure is fun... at least for the purposes I used this novel for. Sure the characters are quite thin and the moments of suspense could have been a little further dragged out, overall, it was still a good mystery thriller. 

Betrayed is a fast, easy read that fans of Lisa Scottoline will surely find enjoyable. My 3-Star rating is due to the fact that the writing is just "ok" and the tense moments should have been reveled in and not so rushed through. The betray entices readers to see the unseen. ***

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