Sunday, August 28, 2016

Review: Mercy by Daniel and Michael Palmer

After 700+ pages of tromping through the forest, I decided a light, easy, thrilling read was a much needed relief to that sack of crap. Michael and son, Daniel Palmer's latest novelMercy fit the bill perfectly. Mercy is a captivating thrill ride full of whodunits and whys.

Dr Julie Devereux's life is perfect until a horrible accident leaves her fiance Sam, paralyzed. Sam wants to exercise his right to die because living as a quadriplegic is not how he hopes to begin his future with the woman he loves. Believing Julie would understand his plea for help because of her stance on dying with dignity, is taken aback when she says that's not an acceptable out in this case. 

Julie believes she has convinced her fiance Sam that life is worth living only to find his life is cut short by a heart attack. With no history of heart problems, Julie begins investigating his death. Before long it becomes apparent someone doesn't want her to find out they've been showing patients their own form of mercy.

I enjoyed this read simply because there was always something going on and the Palmers kept me on edge. I became invested in the investigation and all the tragedies it cost along the way. I won't suggest the characters are exactly brilliant or the writing exemplary. This novel rocks because it's plain old good fun. I've read other books by these two (although this is their first joint effort) and I always finish with the feeling I'm a little more medical savvy and that there just might be a murder mystery, or coverup, lurking behind every patient record. 

Suffice it to say, Mercy is a fast read that fans of medical thrillers will enjoy. The key players pulling all the (unethical) strings are pure monsters that beg readers to show mercy on who they have in their sites. This certainly won't be the last novel I read by either Daniel or Michael Palmer as they have become staples in my go-to authors for an interesting thriller. ****

Copy provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley

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