Thursday, July 13, 2017

Review: The Switch by Joseph Finder

The Switch by Joseph Finder

The tendency to imagine how the movie would look plagues me with every Joseph Finder novel I read. The Switch is written like a high-octane thriller that never settles down for that precious thing we call breath. We simply have to strap in and hold on tight. 

Michael Tanner's life is turned upside down when he accidentally has his laptop switched with a prominent senator from Illinois at the airport. It's clear from the first page something is awry because the case of the mistaken laptop switch seems almost too perfectly planned... or is it. That's what we grapple with the entire time having limited information that suggests the only two people who want this tablet so badly are Tanner and the senator. Suffice it to say, this laptop has some damning information and Tanner is convinced keeping the laptop and making copies of its files will keep him alive... or so he thinks.

Tanner is forced to deal with having information that would prove Big Brother is watching and would essentially force everyone to consider how much their privacy is worth to them in a world of the Isis and other terrorist groups.

What I enjoyed most about The Switch is that no matter how implausible the plot became, I said to hell with reality and anxiously anticipated the end. I was totally invested in Tanner the whole time. For that matter, I needed to see how the other side would pan out in their quest to obtain the switched laptops. Ultimately, Finder provides us with a likable protagonist as well as a desperate antagonist that I almost felt sorry for.

The Switch will definitely be enjoyed by Finder Fans such as myself. It's a fast paced, engrossing thriller that will have readers debating with what they would do if they had been in this same situation. It's almost like if you found a bag with a million bucks in it. Do you turn it in or do you covet it in the hopes you'll survive long enough to enjoy it. 

Copy provided by Penguin Group via Netgalley

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