Thursday, January 17, 2013

Still At Three Graves Full

I was not able to finish Three Graves Full in the time I'd hoped to. Life sometimes happens and I got a little caught up in my media television last night. On another note the thing that had me so glued to the TV was the newest NRA ad asking the American people why their children aren't as important as President Obama's daughters, or important enough to get armed gaurds as they do. I really don't like political debates but I do have an opinion on this one particular issue. The average American child deserves just as much protection as any child would, famous or not. But the average child is not thrust into any grand stage nor is bombarded with death threats against them or their family every single day. The NRA must have forgotten the assassination attempts on countless public officials as well as the actual successful assassinations of President Lincoln and President Kennedy. I feel that the NRA's ad was cowardly and spineless and not a sufficient enough argument when dealing with the gun control crisis of America. Thanks for reading and allowing me to vent. I appreciate any comments.

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