Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Caretaker by A.X. Ahmad

It was time to put some fresh meat on the chopping block. It seems that a couple of the books I have read this week are by seasoned authors. There are distinct differences in the writing, pacing, and character developments that are pretty obvious to a person who reads as much as I do. I'm not saying I'm any scholar but I am versed enough in literature to know when I'm reading a great form of literary art or a bad one. Having said that, I look forward to reading The Caretaker by an author I haven't any information on. I mean I literally haven't found one single thing about this person BUT I have read the first chapter and I know I'm in for a treat.
Synopsis: Ranjit Singh, a former Indian Army Captain trying to escape a shameful past, lives with his family among the migrant workers of Martha’s Vineyard, working as a caretaker of the vacation homes of the rich and powerful. Needing a place to stay, Ranjit moves his family into an empty Senator’s home. Happily, but illegally ensconced in the house, he tries to forget his brief affair with Anna, the wife of an African-American senator, and focus on providing for his family. But one night, their idyll is shattered when mysterious armed men break into the house, looking for an antique porcelain doll. Forced to flee, Ranjit is pursued and hunted by unknown forces, and becomes drawn into the Senator’s shadowy world. To save his family and solve the mystery of the doll, he must join forces with Anna, who has her own dark secrets. As the past and present collide, Ranjit must finally confront the hidden event that destroyed his Army career and forced him to leave India.

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