Friday, February 22, 2013

Final Crossing by Carter Wilson

I begin work today on a novel of suspense named Final Crossing. This is the debut novel by Carter Wilson. It's always fun finding new talent and beginning a journey with a still wet behind the ears author. I know that if this novel is good, the future novels will only get better.  I must admit that I did read the first few pages and I'm excited about reading the rest. So far it seems like a well-written novel about a psychotic, sadistic killer named Rudiger. It's clear from what I've read that Rudiger is definitely a troubled son who's haunted by someone named Preacherman. In what I've read so far, Carter introduces us to Jonas Osborne. He is a badass ranger who is haunted by memories and dreams he's having of his time in the service while stationed in Somalia. These two men have a past that may come to a head. So who's gonna win? Good or evil?

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