Friday, February 22, 2013

Final Crossing to the Other Side

60%  in and I'm loving the journey. Our killer Rudiger is one sadistic, twisted, religious-nut. I see those words together a lot... wonder why. No really! Rudiger is someone I don't want to be alone in a dark alley with. Although most of the killing is done offstage, Carter Wilson does not skip out on the tension that builds before a kill. I don't think that's giving away too much since this is a novel of suspense. Someone's gotta die. We just hope it isn't our "hero" Jonas Osborne. Honestly, I want to be the love interest in this story because he is well written. He's not perfect and has a lot of past damage to deal with, but the man is tough. I just hope he's tough enough to go head to head with Rudiger. Like I said, he isn't someone I want to see in a deserted, dark alley any time of the day.

So far what I'm enjoying about this novel is how fast paced it is. When I'm managing to remain focus and not think of all the seedy things I will be doing to round out my Friday night, I am amazed at how fast the flicks in my Kindle HD occur. The novel is simply written. That doesn't mean it's remedial but it is approachable by a large audience. Wilson also does a great job at giving us background information on the main characters. There are no characters introduced, so far, that don't have a reason for being there. I love it when an author streamlines in that way. Extra, unnecessary characters just muddy the waters and cause some readers to lose interest. Lovers of mystery, thrillers, and suspense novels need to read this. I hope the ending is able to live up to the standards what I've read so far, has set.

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