Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heaven's Night, Hell's Mourning

Currently I am 30% in Heaven's Night by Harry Aderton. I am hooked. The story begins with Sariel giving us background information on why he is one of the fallen. Everyone knows the story about the devil, Lucifer, and how he left the comforts of God's grace bringing a legion of 1/3 the angels in the astral sphere. Sariel is an archangel who's soulmate Requel is in dire distress by the fallen. She tries to let Sariel know the atrocities that are happening in the lower sphere's of the astral plane. Eventually, Sariel sets out on a journey of retribution and love. But how far is he willing to stray from God's good graces?

I must say once more that I am hooked. I don't want to give too much away about part one of the book because so much has happened and it would not be fair to future readers. It is obvious that this novel is well researched and planned. Attention to detail and imagery is highly appreciated (Thank you Mr. Aderton). The fight scenes so far are epic and the amount of themes already surfacing are truly a testament to how great this novel will be (fingers crossed). Good vs evil, free will, and love are heavy contenders so far. I don't know what the rest of this novel has in store for me but I feel I should get back to it. Sariel is a wonderful narrator and his inner struggle between good and evil seep from the pages profoundly. I have to findout who wins in this war of good vs evil.

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