Friday, February 8, 2013

Review of Two Evils by P.J. Tracy

I wish I could say that I really enjoyed reading this novel but I felt the whole time I was missing something. The story begins with the escape of a 15 year old captive running away from the men who are holding her along with other younger Native girls. These girls vanished and it seemed no one cared and that is what's most heart breaking. Sadly the 15 year old was recaptured and killed by the faceless bad guys. Gino and Magozzi are on the trail and soon find that their case is also linked to a sudden assassination attempt by Somali terrorist. Grace, of Monkeewrench, kills the two terrorist who were going to assassinate John Smith. Soon they are running from an extreme group of have placed a jihad on Smith's head.
I wanted so badly to enjoy this book but I could never really get into it. I felt that I didn't know any of the characters at all and all the action seemed to be missing. There were conversations about the murders or terrorist plots but no real details. A lot of the characters made mistakes that only rookies would make. An ex-FBI agent would have to assume that if someone can hack into his computer they can also track a vehicle. And then the book just seemed to end. Overall, the Monkeewrench series is pretty popular so it pains me to be unable to endorse this but only readers who have been with this group from the beginning can truely enjoy this novel. I suspect their fanbase will enjoy this novel but I, personally, could not. **

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