Thursday, February 7, 2013

Two Evils by P.J. Tracy

I am performing one of my cardinal sins and against my better judgement by starting Two Evils by P.J. Tracy. It is book 6 in the Monkeewrench series. Usually I hate starting so far into a series but the last time I did it, I was happy. The Sound of Broken Glass by Debbie Crombie turned out to be a really good book and didn't seem to spoil books from earlier written. Sometimes an author is gracious enough to realize not everyone knows their book is part of a series especially when the average person goes into a grocery store and sees bestselling author and a back cover that beckons their attention. The authors who know all about this person, makes it easy for said person to pick up the book where ever they discover it. No matter if it's the 1st in the series or 15th.
Synopsis: When a missing teenage girl is found dead in a parking lot, her throat slashed, it's only the beginning. The discovery leads police directly to the bodies of two young immigrants killed in their run down apartment. The next morning three more men are found dead in the street nearby. Welcome to summer in the city. None of it makes any sense. But as Minneapolis Police Department homicide detectives Gino and Magozzi struggle to establish what's happened, they realise that the deaths may not be as random as they first appear. Nor, it seems, were they simply an isolated, freak twenty-four hours of violence in the Twin Cities. As the killings continue, Gino and Magozzi turn to maverick computer analyst Grace McBride for help. But Grace's contribution to the investigation depends on her staying alive long enough to provide it. And as the evidence mounts, piece by piece, it reveals terrifying intent. Ultimately, it forces the two detectives to make a dreadful choice: down which path does the lesser of two evils lie..."

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