Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Review of Keep No Secrets by Julie Compton

I have completed Keep No Secrets by Julie Compton and I am so happy that I read this after reading Tell No Lies. Keep No Secrets follows it's predecessor four years later where once again, Jack Hilliard is embroiled in a scandal that could tear his life apart. In this novel, we've found that Jack has been trying to rebuild what was broken with his wife Claire and his family, after having an affair with his good friend Jenny Dobson.  Throughout much of the novel the theme that he's paying for past sins is front and heavy especially since he's now being accused of raping his son's girlfriend, Celeste, who just happens to resemble Jenny. Although a little cliche and unnecessary, I understand it's use in order to be inflammatory during the whole fiasco.

What I liked most about this novel is that the characters are still well described and the writing is solid. I felt that Tell No Lies was a little slow whereas this one is explosive from the beginning. There's a lot more mystery and intrigue with this novel. Compton does a great job with maintaining interest and keeping her foot on the gas first with the actual accusation of rape, then later with the trial. The characters act in believeable ways and the conversation isn't stilted or out of place. Compton actually gets the reader to care about what happens to Jack because we all know that we would hate to have to be reminded of our mistakes day in day out for an undetermined amount of time.

What I did not like was the infamous moody teenager that seems to accompany many books. Is it just me or was the son Michael a complete douche? I understand why he's mad at Jack but there's still some level of respect he should be giving to his father. That's my only true gripe about this novel.

In conclusion, I think this was a great successor to Tell No Lies and I think readers would appreciate Keep No Secrets even more if they take the time to read it's predecessor. Knowing how the characters change and develop and getting closure to some of the things left open from Tell No Lies is also a plus.  I want to imagine that Julie Compton will write a sequel to Keep No Secrets because I need her to. Seriously. I have to know what's next for our DA Jack Hilliard. The ending will justify my reasons why.****

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