Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Doors by Daniel Brako

Imagine seeing a door that no one else can see in the middle of a busy street. Now picture like doors strewn across town. This door is the portal to different worlds. Some good and some bad. Do you enter or just figure you're going crazy? David Druas, a successful psychologist, is approached by a sporadic client, Hans Werner. Hans claims to be seeing "imaginary" doors. After summoning the doors, David begins to see the same doors that he thought were the product of Hans delusion. Ultimately this changes David's life in so many ways.

Brako takes readers on a terrifying, weird journey with David and doors. With elements of science fiction, horror, and mystery we embark upon one crazy ride with David. This novel is short but big on action and interesting characters. Doors will have readers wondering what's real and what isn't. It's very much worth the short amount of time needed to read it so I highly recommend this novel to lovers of sci-fi and horror. An answer to the above question of whether I would enter the doors or not is: definitely not! ****

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