Friday, June 7, 2013

Review: The Kill Room by Jeffery Deaver

I try to be completely unbiased with my reviews but when it comes to my favorite authors I can't help but boast of their brilliance a little more than normal. I place my favorites on a pedestal that is sometimes wavering. Sure the book may not be that great or genre bending but it's still necessary for the collection. Now that I'm done with my rant I will get to The Kill Room by one of my favorite authors Jeffery Deaver.

Rhyme and Sachs are asked by the ADA Jance to investigate a case under the most secret circumstances. A high ranking official in the government may have ordered a hit on Robert Moreno. Intel suggested Moreno was planning a terrorist attack on a U.S. oil company but it was not true. Rhyme's travels to the Bahamas in search of a crime scene that does not exist while Sachs tracks down leads in New York. There is tons of danger and suspense lurking aroud the corner for each of them.

What I loved most about this novel is that it is classic Deaver. There is no stopping the action and pages just seem to fly by. Each time I think the unsub is found out I am drastically wrong. The classic whiteboard is featured as well to help keep track of all the evidence and info. The only glaring fact remains much of the novel that the unsub is doing his best to make sure there is no crime scene to investigate. Fans of this series will need to add The Kill Room to their collection because it's only necessary.

I'm a huge fan of Deaver's but I am not blind to the fact that this series is to be savored over time. It becomes a little formulaic after a while. This being the 10th novel in the series is no exception. But I continue to read these novels because they are well written, interesting, and just a fun quick read for any occasion.

Although my above rant may imply that The Kill Room wasn't genre bending I only wanted to warn any readers that this is not totally without bias the review they are reading. Overall, Deaver supplies readers with all that we love about the Lincoln Rhyme's series. We have Rhyme's serious attitude problem coupled with a brilliance most leading characters in thrillers do not have. We're also graced with Amelia's fearlessness in the face of every obstacle such as arthritis and jealousy. There's even the lovely Thom who is Rhyme's punching bag... I mean well-paid nurse. All these characters we expect to see as we journey through the pages with our favorite forensic consultant.

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