Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review: Drift by Jon McGoran

Drift is my introduction to the author Jon McGoran and I must say that I enjoyed reading this novel. Drift is narrated by Doyle Carrick, a narcotics detective from Philadelphia. After the death of his mother, and then his father(step), he is issued a twenty-day suspension after behaving badly on the job. He decides that the best thing for him is to go away to his parents' home located in Philadelphia's rural countryside.

As if things aren't bad enough for Doyle with the death of his parents, as well as his suspension, it seems that the small town has a drug problem. The town seems to be overrun with meth and heroin labs. Before long, Doyle finds trouble with not only the local police chief but the drug runners as well. What was supposed to be a quiet suspension quickly becomes anything but.

Jon McGoran writes Drift at a pace that is acceptable to anyone who likes their mysteries fast, swift, and to the point. There were no moments I felt that something wasn't happening. Even when McGoran was giving information about GMOs and really driving the food movement home to people like me who love a McNugget every now and again, it flows seemlessly. It so informational about the chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones used in food. These nuggets of information are well-placed and don't make the reader feel like they've been taken from the story that's happening.

Much of the novel also involves an attraction Doyle has with his neighbor Nola. He assumes she's being forced into selling her organic farm by a ghost development company. Besides Doyle, she is the only well developed character. I was introduced to MCS, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity through Nola. I love informational tidbits in novels and McGoran has definitely supplied that thirst.

Overall, Drift is an enjoyable speedy read that I don't think should be missed. The buildup is good and the danger this novel incorporates makes me forever look at McNugget's differently.  ***

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