Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Review: A Serpentine Affair by Tina Seskis

After reading Tina Seskis novel One Step Too Far I was excited when I found that she had another novel available for my enjoyment. Thankfully Seskis did not disappoint with A Serpentine Affair. A Serpentine Affair is the story of seven women who were at some point very good friends but aren't so much anymore. They've made a tradition of meeting together yearly for 22 years. Their latest get-together ends in some closely gaurded secrets being revealed and the facade they all have built around themselves begin to crumble. To make matters worse, they leave Serpentine Lake one person less.

A Serpentine Affair has a lot of characters and for some it may be a little frustrating for some but I loved that about this novel. I'll help by giving the names of the seven main women: Juliette, Camilla, Katie, Siobhan, Sissy, Natasha, and Joanne. Each character is so well developed, believable, and recognizable that I instantly fell in-hate with some of them. The reason I say that is because a few of the ladies come off as bratty, egotistical, uppity... whatever other selfish there can be. While a couple of the other women were sensitive, engaging, and likeable. Each characters strengths and flaws help move the story along and encourage readers to findout what secrets could possibly make these women seem to hate each other so much... yet carry on this tradition.

Once news of the missing woman surfaces, each woman has to confront their own personal demons as well as handle the guilt of their part in the situation. Part 2 of A Serpentine Affair definitely adds more layers to the plot as well as the characters. It becomes easier to understand each woman's motivations and why their relationships are so strained. They all have fond memories of each other being their for the other when really needed, but too much has happened that stands in the way of them moving on. These revelations are the sucker-punch that I remember Seskis landing on me with One Step Too Far and I couldn't help but think Damn! Tina's got me again.

Overall, I loved A Serpentine Affair. It's about friendships, relationships, guilt, forgiveness, and redemption. I'm sure there are a few other themes to be found in this novel. I gladly recommend this novel to all. What I've learned from this novel is to get what needs to be said out of the way in order to move on. There's not always that chance to make it right in the future.  ****

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