Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review: Midnight by Kevin Egan

Midnight by Kevin Egan begins on New Year's Eve as an uneventful average day in a Manhattan courthouse where the loyal civil servants are finishing work before the new year.  Judge Cantor goes into his chambers as usual and is accompanied by his court clerk Tom Carroway and secretary Carol Scilingo.  All is well until Judge Cantor quietly passes away in his sleep.  Upon discovering he's deceased, his "brainiac" team comes up with the idea that if they can prolong his actual time of death, they will be able to keep the jobs they so desperately need.  Tom encourages Carol to go about business as usual since they only need until midnight to secure their jobs for the next year. All is well until it isn't anymore.

Kevin Egan writes an extremely fast paced novel that can be devoured in one sitting. Of that I'm grateful. Things begin to go awry almost immediately when their "well-hatched" plan involve way too many separate interests besides Tom and Carol's.

Based on Tom's issues he's the perfect catalyst to keep this thriller/mystery moving forward, even after the goal of reaching midnight.  The only problem with Tom is that he's possibly the most unlikeable character among the plethora of unlikeables.  I disliked him with a passion and Carol is too boring to even consider. She's the quinessential single mother that adds nothing to enthusiasm for her. And the rest are cardboard thin.

Despite my gripes with character development I was hooked to Midnight. Kevin Egan wrote an interesting thriller that barely allows readers to digest one shock before supplying another. I can't wait to read what's next from this author.  I only urge him to give us characters likeable enough to rally behind and really root for.  ***

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