Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: The Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry

I am a huge fan of Steve Berry and have made an effort to keep up with his Cotton Malone series since I got my hands on The Templar Legacy. Once given the opportunity to read the latest Malone adventure, I couldn't resist. 

The Lincoln Myth is the 9th novel in the Cotton Malone series. For those who don't know who he is, he's a "retired" Magellan Billet agent who has an eidetic memory. Yes, kinda like that Dan Brown guy what's his name... But that's where the similarities end. Malone is badass, much more interesting, and can hold his own instead of running from one clue to the next while enemies come out guns blazing. So it's no shock to say that Malone is once again forced from the comfort of his rare books to save the world... again.

There is a plot set in motion that threatens the strength of the United States of America. Surprisingly, the threat is coming from a group of Mormons.. albeit a rogue group of Mormons. There is supposedly some evidence floating around in the wild west that threatens our union, and the person to blame for this is Lincoln. Ol' honest Abe. 

What makes this latest assignment so difficult for Malone is that the woman he loves, Cassiopeia Vitt is involved. She was asked to go undercover because one of the rogue Mormons just happens to be her first love. Things get a little weird for them both once they realize they've been roped into something that could quite possibly tear them apart. 

What was done well this time around is that Steve Berry still manages to maintain propelling the story forward. Although there are a lot less dead bodies and double-crossing than his previous novels, I remained engrossed 'til the end. Berry's world is descriptive, broad, and almost believable. That is what I come to expect from his work.

Although The Lincoln Myth is not my favorite in this series, it still holds his own. Many of the instances in this novel reminded me of the recent secession attempts once our current president was elected. Sorry, but I couldn't shake it from my mind. I just didn't find the Mormon threat as interesting as it was meant to be to warrant bringing Cotton Malone out of "retirement".  ***

Copy provided by Ballantine Books via Netgalley

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